We are Digital Labs.

We are agile to the core and lean in practice. Innovative ideas excite us. Cutting-edge technologies fuel us. We break down the silos of knowledge and embed members of your team within our own to create a high-energy, fully-transparent partnership. Read on to learn about our Story

Who we are.

Born and Bred in Beirut with deep ties to the Silicon Valley, we are a team of aspiring Digital-First Marketers and Makers. We believe in the power of technology and its ability to impact all facets of how we conduct business. We belong to the Digital Age. We're part of the Digital Revolution.


Using our proprietary Programmatic platform and custom Optimization Algorithm we build campaigns that maximize ROI whatever it may be. Whether Brand-building campaigns or Conversion-driven activities, we use the breadth of existing ad platforms to drive results.


Our experience building products and running experiments gives us the tools we need to provide Businesses with tactics and a strategy that allows them to tackle the Digital realm head-on. By embedding ourselves within your activities we help you build Digital-First products.

Product Development

We help Businesses through the complete process of bringing a new & Digital-First product to market. From Idea analysis to Product Development and implementation, we not only build products, but also test & create go-to-market strategies that best fit your needs.


Whether our own, in-house initiatives or those spearheaded by exciting entrepreneurs, we provide the mentorship, tools and support needed to build disruptive businesses. Whether Capital, Office Hours or Intros we help build the next generation of Startups.

How We

1 Build
We always start off by building an MVP, a Minimum Viable Product, a test meant to validate our core assumptions. In this stage, we think simple and small, we build an experiment, set our success criteria and run our experiment.

2 Measure
Then, we determine whether real progress is being made. Here we measure the results obtained from our experiment through activities such as split tests, real-time monitoring, funnel analysis, cohort analysis and search engine marketing, to name a few.

3 Learn
Finally, we take decisions based on our measurements: Should we persevere, or should we Pivot?
We then determine the next steps through conducting customer interviews, split tests, customer deployment, and smoke tests.